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4GL Database Engine

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Rapid App Development

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Code is Highly-Portable

Month #1 Costs 99¢

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Build your own applications.

DIY Office Apps is the on-line place to build custom applications. Using our powerful language you can build most anything. Our users tell us, "If you can imagine it, you can build it."

Work at supersonic speeds.
At DIY you'll use a "Rapid Application Development" environment or RAD. You'll be amazed at how little code is needed to do just about any programming task. Your projects will be done faster than ever.

Sign up today. We make it easy.
Your DIY account comes pre-installed with everything ready to go. Accounts have the capacity to serve 25, 100, or 1,000 co-workers. Total monthly costs range from $149 to $499 per month and best of all, your first month is only 99¢ -- giving you ample time to try us out. Sign up today. No setup fees. Cancel at any time.

Three Service Levels To Choose From
Level 1 - One to twenty-five (25) users.
Level 2 - One to one-hundred (100) users.
Level 3 - One to one-thousand (1,000) users.